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Avoid Bankruptcy through a Debt Resolution Program

Avoid Bankruptcy - Bankruptcy Alternatives

Filing bankruptcy should be your last option to consider. If you decide to file for bankruptcy your credit will be negatively affected for a period of 10 years. This can lead to complications when you want to get a mortgage, a loan, or even a job. Most important of all, it also becomes a public record. This without forgetting about the court and attorney expenses may be very high.

Please note that new laws passed in 2005 make it more difficult to file bankruptcy and provide forgiveness of past debts. In we recommend as an alternative to bankruptcy what is known as "Debt Negotiation" or "Debt Consolidation."

Debt Resolution: The best way to avoid filling bankruptcy

Debt resolution with Legal Representation  is a program that allows you to reduce your debt considerably with an attorney. The Law Firms with whom we work have lawyers in most cities of the United States and Puerto Rico. This means that a lawyer near your home or work will represent you against your creditors.

If you owe more than $ 10,000 in credit card debt, we at have a program that might fit your needs, with optimal results and unique. Do not be fooled by unscrupulous companies who only want your money. has an exceptional Debt Resolution program, with legal representation. Get full legal representation at a lower cost, with the largest national attorney network in the US and Puerto Rico. recommends this program to anyone who is behind in their payments and has the credit damaged. The main purpose of this program is to help you avoid filing bankruptcy, get you out of debt as quickly as possible and then work with you to repair and restore your credit.

Also, should you consider that you do not need legal representation, offers the Self-Directed Debt Resolution Program. The Self-Directed Debt Resolution is a self-directed online system which teaches and guides you step by step process of negotiating with creditors, always taking control of your funds as well as the time needed to complete the negotiations.

When negotiating your debt, you not only avoid filing bankruptcy, but also:

  • A debt reduction to 55% of the original balance may be paid between 1 and 3 years and make one low monthly payment.
  • Get your primary objective of reducing and paying off your debt quickly and then work to repair and restore your credit.
  • Reduce the calls from collectors.

Below we have included a payment table sample based on a debt of $22,500.00.   

6 Months- $ 2,101.50   18 Months- $ 726.50
12 Months- $ 1,070.25   24 Months- $ 554.62 

You will end up paying approximately $ 12,375.00 to eliminate your debt, and this includes the fees of professionals in negotiations.

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