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Self-Directed Debt Resolution - The Best Alternative with Optional Legal Representation

The Self-Directed Debt Resolution is a self-directed online system which teaches and guides you step by step process of negotiating with creditors, always taking control of your funds as well as the time needed to complete the negotiations.

Our "self directed" System does not mean that you are "by yourself." Our group of experienced customer service is available 24/7 to assist you. Also, should a creditor decide to sue our clients, you will have access to a discount network of attorneys throughout the US and Puerto Rico.The system provides all the tools that agencies use for negotiating with creditors, for which they charge high fees. So it's worth doing yourself.

In the Self Debt Resolution system everything is automated, so all you have to do is follow the instructions. If something is not understood about the system, a technical support team is available.

How Does Self-Directed Debt Resolution Work?

The system prompts you step by step what to do to start a conversation with your creditors. Each step is a must, which means that the system will not let you move forward to the next step if you have not completed the previous step. Once you get access, the system has already a library with all the letters you are going to need for each of the circumstances.

With self-directed debt resolution, you will make a monthly payment to a special account that you open through the system, and that you control at all times. You will be able to know how much funds are in the account, choose the term of the program or alter according to your circumstances to fit at all times a budget you can afford.



Juan P. has a total debt of $25,000.00

Total Inicial Debt


Monthly Payment


Self-Directed Debt Resolution Program

Estimated Negotiation with the Creditors (55%)


Total Time of Program

36 Months

New Monthly Payment


** This is an example used to illustrate possible outcomes of the self-directed debt resolution program. The results vary depending on many factors - consult a Debt Counselor for an approximate result.

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