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Debt Resolution

Debt resolution is a program that allows you to reduce your debt considerably with an attorney. The Law Firms with whom we work have lawyers in most cities of the United States and Puerto Rico. This means that a lawyer near your home or work will represent you against your creditors.

If you owe more than $ 10,000 in credit card debt, we at have a program that might fit your needs, with optimal results and unique. Do not be fooled by unscrupulous companies who only want your money. has an exceptional Debt Resolution program, with legal representation. Get full legal representation at a lower cost, with the largest national attorney network in the US and Puerto Rico.

How Does Debt Resolution Work?

You will meet face to face with the lawyer that will represent you and present the payment plan for your review. If you cannot go to the attorneys office, we already have a paralegal service in most cities of the United States. These paralegals can meet with you at your home, office or preferred location, for your comfort.

After entering the program, letters of representation will be sent to the creditors telling them that you are being represented by a law firm, telling your creditors that they can only contact the law firm regarding your debt, and not bother you anymore with collection calls. Meaning that calls from collectors tend to decrease, as the Fair Collection Practices Rule force the creditors or collectors to contact the lawyer.

You will make a convenient monthly payment, which will be deposited in a savings account. This savings account will be used solely and exclusively to save money for the resolution of your debts. You will have full access to this account, and you will be able to monitor the negotiation process and the accumulation of money. As you are done adding money to the account, the attorney will be negotiating your accounts one by one.

Do not be fooled: The Debt Resolution program with Legal Representation (Attorneys) of is the most complete debt negotiation program, it is the safest in existence.

In addition, we have the support and guarantee that if a reasonable agreement with the creditor is not reached, the attorney will keep negotiating your account for FREE!

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