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PrePaid Cards

Network branded prepaid cards are a relatively new, but incredibly useful financial tool for millions of Americans. A network branded prepaid card allows a consumer to buy goods and services anywhere the card brand’s (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa) debit/credit cards are accepted. While these cards work like traditional debit/credit cards and offer many of the same fraud and loss protections, they access funds pre-paid (by the consumer, or business or government on their behalf ) and as a non-credit payment tool, help the user control their budget.

Network branded prepaid cards are popular with a wide range of American consumers including the estimated 40 million unbanked or underbanked who would not otherwise have a way to participate in our card-based economy, parents of a college aged student who want a safe and secure way to give money without the risk of running up debt, and recipients of government benefits who need an efficient way to receive their child support payments, food stamps or unemployment benefits.

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Top 10 Reasons to Carry the Prepaid Card from

  1. "Enhance Your Credit Score Now"
  2. Universal MasterCard® Acceptance
  3. No credit check required - bankruptcy okay - No credit check required!
  4. Mobile Banking - text and email alerts
  5. Free Direct Deposit - stop paying to cash your checks
  6. Free Customer Service 24/7/365 - USA based
  7. Free Detailed Online Transaction History
  8. Free Credit Scores - Unlimited
  9. Free Personal Financial Management
  10. Free Document Storage

Benefits and Features of the Prepaid Card

  • No Transaction Fees on US Purchases
  • Companion Cards
  • Convenience Checks
  • Worldwide ATM Access
  • Reloadable with a $9,999 Maximum Balance
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Accept Payroll Stubs
  • Moving Money from Card to Bank, Bank to Card, Money Share
  • Multiple account access

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